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Ram Rajagopal

Associate Professor


You can find links to all completed research here.

Student Lab Research
Consisting of 15-20 students at any given time, Ram’s lab provides an opportunity to support the various research pursued by these graduate students. Below is the list of research being conducted by the students that are supported by Professor Ram Rajagopal. You can visit the student lab website here.

Research Topics:

  • Futurecasting– Bits & Watts is a major Stanford/SLAC initiative focused on innovations for the 21st century electricity grid. Futurecasting is a research project within this initiative.
  • PowerNet– PowerNet is an open-source and open architecture platform for scalable and secure coordination of consumer flexible load and DERs.
  • SnowFortSensor Network: Open & Wireless for Data Analytics. SnowFort is an open source wireless sensor network for infrastructure and environmental monitoring.
  • VADERVisualization and Analytics of Distributed Energy Resources (VADER) is a unified data analytics platform that enables the integration of massive and heterogeneous data streams for granular real-time monitoring, visualization and control of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in distribution networks.
  • VISDOMVisualization and Insight for Demand Operations and Management (VISDOM) is a web-based platform and architecture for load analysis and management.